The story of my binder

I’ve lost some weight over the last year or so and until a few weeks ago I was happy about this. A little overweight lost and more importantly I’ve now got a smaller chest. Smaller and loser boobs means easier binding and my chest isn’t as prominent anymore. I look more like a dude and I like it.

The binder I use is LesLoveBoats Original Jersey Mesh Velcro Short Binder, and it has 4 inches of Velcro to close it. The Velcro part have made it possible for me to bind tighter as I’ve lost weight but a few weeks ago I reached the limit of my binders. When I got them I could hardly close them properly. Now the Velcro is overlapping completely, leaving me with a loose binder that my floppy boobs are able to escape from. The sexy look of a male, flat chest – with bumps sticking out just above the tummy…

I desperately need to buy a new binder, but the truth is that I don’t want to. I’ve procrastinated too long and now it’s urgent, so last night I went online to look at binders. Just typing in the address mad me feel nauseous and as I started to navigate around the site I had a full blown anxiety attack and had to stop. Apparently I really don’t want to buy a new binder!

Things have moved along so fast at the Gender Identity Clinic that top surgery might happen before this year is over. In my mind I’ll be rid of the binder really soon, so there’s no real point in buying a new one. But in the worst case scenario I’ll have to put up with my old binders close to a year.

The prospect of having too big binders with boobs slipping out all day for a year is horrible. When I think of it like that I don’t even want to wear them another week. I really do need to find a new binder soon!

I’ve been really happy with the binders I have now, so the obvious choice would be to get the same model a size smaller. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them in the web shop when I was looking, it seems like they’ve gone out of stock. On the other hand I could just have missed them when my mind were panicking.Then again, if they’re out of stock I have to look around for something else. I could just try to find something similar, but I could also looks around to see if I can find something else I might like better.

The Velcro has it perks. It’s easy to put on and it’s adjustable, perfect for when I have a bad day or feel bloated. On the other hand it can make velcro noises when I move, depending on how I managed to close it in the morning. Now when I’ve out-shrunken them the sharp Velcro is wider than the soft one when I close them, so it’s also scratching my skin if I’m not careful. At the moment I have to fasten the front panel at an angle and then fold it under the back panel to avoid severe chafe.

So on one side I’d like to continue with a Velcro binder, but on the other hand it would be nice to not having the problems with it. I’m just afraid that I’ll have problem getting a non-velcro binder on, from what I’ve heard it can require some acrobatic movements and that’s not my strong side. I can only imagine what my family (and my body) will think of me in the morning jumping around, trying to be an athlete! I think I’ll have to go with a Velcro binder after all.

Update: I found my current binder in the web shop but finally settled on the Cool Mesh Velcro Short Chest Binder instead, just because the Velcro seemed a bit more suited for me on this one. Now I just have to take out the tape measure to make sue I get the right size. Yet another hurdle to get over, I don’t think I’ll be able to order it until next week. Somehow I manage to suppress the fact that I need to take my measurements – every single time I order clothes…

9 thoughts on “The story of my binder

  1. Austin Elliot says:

    I have an over the arms binder that hasn’t been so hard to get on (nothing particularly acrobatic after the first few times), but does bind pretty well. It seems like they ship internationally. There’s a pic of me in it on my blog.

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  2. I think I had 6 binders! by the time I had top surgery, 4 of them were the velcro binders. I also had a hard time measuring (in cm instead of inches) – the broad part of my back and across the “chest” was hard to get accurately and the tape kept slipping. All I can say is it is much easier to measure now!

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    • Good! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll need to measure myself as much after top surgery…
      I remember I got the Velcro kind after your recommendation, and they have worked really well. They’re still in good condition so if I hadn’t lost so much weight I wouldn’t need a new one. I think it would be easier for me to buy a new one if the old ones actually were broken. I don’t like to buy stuff I already have that work kind of fine, it makes me feel like I’m wasting money and resources.
      I think I’ll try to give the old ones to a “big brother” binder program, maybe I won’t feel so bad about buying a new one then.


    • Hi,
      Nice to hear from you!!!
      Yeah, I kind of dropped off the earth for a while. A lot, a lot has been going on and I’m not sure how to continue from here. We’re all fine, actually everything is awesome, but still a lot. It started with me taking on too many responsibilities, which I’m currently trying to finish and get rid of. I got more responsibilities at work (yay) which also meant work is a lot more fun now… I’ve had cold after cold and a few flues non stop since January. And our daughter now has three dads!!! Trying to ease her donor and his husband in as parents takes a lot of my time at the moment, we spend all afternoons and evenings together… And then I finally broke contact with my father. Oh, and my best friend and his wife, my “sister”, just got divorced and she adopted twins and moved back to the states.
      I think I needed a break from the blogging to focus on navigating my life and I think I’ll need a little more time before I start writing again. I have so much to write about that I don’t know how to begin and I’m thinking a bit about what direction I want my blog to take.
      But just writing this makes me feel that I will continue to blog. I’ll be back!


  3. Kris says:

    So glad to hear from you and that everything is fine, though hectic. Yes, you do have a lot of interesting stories to blog about – looking forward to reading them soon! Take care!

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