New Years conclusions

I really liked this Christmas. It’s the first Christmas that we put our foot down and decided to start our own traditions and it’s the first Christmas that it made sense to start new traditions. Celebrating Christmas with kids is special and very different from what I’m used to. Not only in the “finally we have a good reason for having a Santa” kind of way, but because the day suddenly has to have a different framework. You eat breakfast the same time you do every morning, and lunch too. Nap time isn’t negotiable and diapers must be changed just like every other day. This means that our usual schedule for Christmas Eve has been thrown out the window and replaced by a kid-friendly one. First and foremost we celebrate Christmas in our home and those who wish to spend it with us have to come to us and follow our timetable. Without kids we exchange gifts by playing a game, but this year Santa has to come. I bought a Santa costume, including the beard and all, and after dinner I went “to the store to buy the paper”. Then Santa knocked on the door, had some “glögg” and handed out the gifts. I was really looking forward to take the part as Santa, traditionally played by the father in the house. It makes me feel more secure in my role as father and I need that at the moment.Now, a week later it’s New Year’s Eve and I find myself contemplating on what the new year will bring. I’m not so much for looking back, the past belongs in the past. Actually I’m not so much for mapping up the future either, all I know is that by the end of the next year not much will be the same. My medical transition have started, if only by jumping though the gatekeepers loops. My time as a stay at home dad is almost over as my daughter will start kindergarten soon and my work will most certainly bring new challenges. Just coming back after five months means I will have to “start over” since most of the things we do at work will have changed. I need to eat healthier, if not for my own sake so for my wife’s IBS. The fatty Christmas food is not gentle to her and this last semester with a teenager (exchange student) who doesn’t eat veggies, fish or beans has taken it’s toll on me.

I’m not a person who makes New Years resolutions, the things I want to change for next year has very little to do with the promises of a new year and more to do with necessary changes due to changing circumstances. It’s really more New Years conclusions, if anything.

So, here’s my list of positive changes I want to make in my life;

Embracing my transition and feel like I actually deserve to be comfortable with myself and my body.

Get a better daily routine to avoid stressful mornings and dinner times.

Writing better texts here on the blog by using lunch hour at work to write without distractions.

Eating more veggies and fish (can’t wait for that one!)
I wish you all a happy new year, and may your life be filled with exciting, enchanting and wonderful moments!

8 thoughts on “New Years conclusions

  1. Happy New Year to you as well. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to what you have to say in 2016. I just hope the year is a bit better for all of us. Sounds like you made a great Santa! Peace! ~MB

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  2. Infants are very smart! Your daughter could probably smell you and recognize you by your eyes! I’m sure you make a great Santa – if I celebrated I think I’d want to be an Elf.
    I like your resolutions and the way you phrased them, particularly “embracing my transition…”
    My toast would be “for the bureaucratic powers that be to speed you through to T”.

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    • Wow, and thank you. You would make a great toaster/speaker! (Not the electrical kind…)
      I think my daughter recognized me too, but then I didn’t make a real effort to conceal myself. I didn’t alter my voice and I just had a fake beard, not the full mask with glasses. It’s very common for Swedish children to be really scared of Santa the first time they meet him. I have a photo of me on my first Christmas screaming my heart out because I was so scared of him and I didn’t want that to be our memory of this Christmas. Better she recognize me then…

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