I’m mad but have hope

I’m afraid I’ve been a little inactive here the last couple of weeks, but it’s for a good reason. The xenophobia has been flying high in all media sources over the last month or so and quite frankly I was so disturbed and disgusted by the discourse that I could not write at all. I couldn’t find the words to write about my transition because it seemed so trivial and I couldn’t find the words to describe my feelings about the reports from media. I’ve gained some hope this last week. The all too apparent crisis in Syria, dead refugees in trucks, dead children on the shores to the Mediterranean, refugees stranded and people refused their humanitarian rights has finally made an impact big enough to make swedes take their senses back and realize that discussing these peoples education, IQ, intentions for coming to Sweden and wether they’ll “steal” “our” jobs is really unimportant. They’re people and they’re running for their lives. People just like you and me. And mind you, it could easily have been us.

People are waking up enough to go from “we must do something” to actually doing it. Everything from donating time, old clothes and toys to refugee camps locally to donating money for longtime projects in the conflict areas. And thanks to a professors (Hans Rosling, check out his YouTube videos if you can find them translated!) inexhaustible fight for debates about the worlds inhabitants to be based on facts rather than what “everyone knows”, the xenophobia resistance has gained new force. He has put in words what the resistance already knew in a way that makes it indisputable. Or to quote him when he put a Danish reporter in place: “This isn’t something to discuss, I am right and you are wrong.”

I started my official transformation roughly a year ago when I asked for an appointment with the doctor who could write my referral to the gender clinic. A short resume of this last year:

August 2014; asking for an appointment to a doctor who could write a referral to the gender clinic.

November 2014; having an appointment with said doctor, referral sent and returned because it was incomplete.

February 2015; new appointment to the doctor and the referral sent again. This time it’s accepted. Estimated waiting time : 6-7 months.

August 2015; still no appointment to the gender clinic. When I call them they tell me I have to wait at least 3 more months. In Sweden no one should have to wait longer than 3 months for an appointment with a specialist, so, I was furious and I didn’t even get an apology for the long waiting time! After a talk with some guys in a support group I decided to exercise my right to ask for a referral to another clinic since the first clinic also have a reputation for delaying the process and asking invasive questions. I called the doctor who then sent my referral to the next clinic. A week after my call with the doctor, a letter from the clinic arrived. I now have an appointment in October!!!

So, 10 months waiting for a clinic with bad reputation vs. 6 weeks waiting for a clinic with good reputation. I’m still mad because this just tells me that the politicians who decide where the money should go in my medical district apparently don’t think that my health is important. The clinic in my district is open just one day a week, with the doctors working approx 7 am to 9 pm to try to meet as many patients as possible. The politicians apparently don’t value their job either. And if the next district can do it, why can’t we??? I have decided though that I’m not going to be mad about this forever (I might continue to be angry long enough to make a complaint in an effort to change the situation), I’m just going to be happy about the fact that my official transition will start for real soon!

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