An old classmate from primary school added me on Facebook. One of the first things I did was to look at the pictures she put up on her account. Apparently she’s a makeup artist and runs a makeup store nowadays and among the pictures from her education, there was pictures of “drag makeup”. I know I shouldn’t care, but I can’t help it. I got really upset by the pictures. The way is was made, and the way it was presented in the pictures clearly shows that this was made for fun. For a laugh poorly disguised as “practice”. The King was basically a girl with her hair in a ponytail and painted beard. The queen had a pink wig and her makeup looked like Mimis in the Drew Carey show. None of this was made with respect, dignity or appreciation for the drag community. I know this was made years ago and I know that she means no harm, most people don’t. But that’s the problem. She thinks she is supportive of trans* people just by showing the world that she can do drag makeup. The queen model was actually another friend of mine who I know wants to be supportive, but I can see that even he misses the point. You’re not supportive by “liking” or posting photos of dudes in dresses on Facebook and doing nothing else. You can claim to be supportive of trans* people but in fact you’re not supportive when you dress up the groom in a gown on his stag night and you’re not supportive just by going to a “gay bar” and then brag about being there as if it was a dare.True support is going to the gay bar with your LGBTQ+ friend who’s afraid to go there by themselves, it’s to say no to the suggestion to put the groom in a dress and explain why it’s inappropriate and it’s to not stand quiet when someone makes fun of LGBTQ+ people, verbally or otherwise. We are not a freak show put up for cis people to enjoy and laugh at. 

And to the man I met at a wedding this weekend; No, it’s not funny to dress up the groom as a woman for his stag night. It’s just sad and sexists. And you are sad and sexist for laughing at it. It also show that you don’t respect the grooms values since he is one of those who actually respect transsexual people and putting him in that position is just mean.
I guess I now know what appropriation really means.

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