The waiting never ends

It’s now one year since I requested a referral to the gender clinic. First I had to wait three months to get an appointment with the doctor that writes the referrals, then the referral was sent back. Yet another three months waiting for a new appointment to the good doctor and then the referral was accepted. After talking to the gender clinic this spring, they told me that they had a approx six months waiting list and that I would get my appointment in August or September. Today I called them so ask about my appointment since I haven’t heard anything, and apparently they now have a nine months waiting list. So I have to wait three mor months, again.I can’t even describe how I feel right now. Especially since it will take another year after my first appointment for me to be allowed to start on any treatments. The tears have formed a big lump in my throat and it feels like someone’s trying to rip out my stomach. I just want to get started. All this waiting makes me feel abused and for me it signals that they don’t take us trans* people seriously.

The woman on the phone said “all we can do is to condole you” and continued with “unfortunately we don’t have any more staff and there’s so many people asking for referrals to the clinic”. That doesn’t help me much though.

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