I think I will need to buy a proper packer soon. Partly because the socks feel a bit unhygienic and are hard to make look good, and partly because my wife have a wicked sense of humor. One of our dogs love socks so much that he will take them off your foot or pick them up from the floor, play around with them for a while and then exchange them for a treat. It’s a cool party-trick if you don’t use your socks as a packer.

Socks rolled together to function like a packe

My current packer

Every night when I change into my PJ, the dog makes a go at the sock-packer wherever I put it. My wife finds this hilarious and have trained our highly intelligent and fast-learning dog to fetch the sock-packer at the commando “where’s daddy?”. It only took him about two times to get the commando right… For some reason this bothers me immensely. It might have something to do with him sinking his teeth into my manhood. I think my wife secretly hope that he eventually will have a go at my crotch on command. It’s not funny! My worst nightmare is if he will continue this behavior with a proper packer. That’s a true party-trick: “Where’s daddy?” And here comes the dog with a penis in his mouth…
It’s not just the dog I have to worry about. When our daughter start kindergarten she will have all sorts of fascinating stories to tell the staff and the other kids. “My dad has his penis on the night-table” and “Mommy let the dog fetch daddy’s penis”. Kids are known to tell the most awkward things at the wrong time…

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