Baby born

I have met a new girl and fell hopelessly in love with her straight away. I’m not sure how to tell my wife that she’s no longer my number one… For some reason I don’t think she will mind, I think she fell in love with her just the same way I did.

Baby's feet

Baby’s feet

It’s strange how parenthood changes everything. It feels like you’ve walked into a fog with small clear patches that make only the important stuff visible. All I can see is my daughter, my wife and everything that’s a possible threat to them. I was furious at a driver in the car park that was driving too close to us (approximately 2,5 meters or 8 feet) when we were on our way to the car with the baby in the carrier. On the way home from the hospital I was convinced that every car on the way was about to crash into us and every truck about to tip over us! At home I couldn’t care less about the dishes, laundry and completely forgot that it’s Christmas tomorrow. For some reason it’s just not important anymore. I don’t know what day it is and hardly know what time of day it is! There’s one thing I do know, however, and that’s that I’m most definitely my daughters dad. It just feels totally wrong being called mum!!! My wife call me dad as often as she can, but since I’m not out to many people, she can’t call me dad in public, yet. It can get a bit awkward for us when people ask what we will be called, if we’re both going to be ‘mum’ or if we’re going to be called by our first names or any other arrangement. The truth is that we’re mum and dad, but my wife has a brilliant way to avoid that straight answer (that was unintentional, by the way…). She simply tell the curious person that our daughter will sort that out on her own when it’s time.
Now, I beg your pardon, my little one is calling for my attention and want to be held in her daddy’s arms. I guess my transition ponderings are postponed for now.

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