(Non)furry children

Although we currently are waiting impatiently for our baby to decide it’s time to enter this world, we have a few other “kids” as well. They are spoiled rotten, like to hang out in the sofa all day and bring us much laughter. Let me introduce the hooligans; at the bottom we have our oldest girl. She is grumpy, and protect her food like it’s the last bowl in the world. She also like to run, although she looks like an overweight pensioner from the sixties when she does. After that we have our oldest boy, afraid and suspicious of all people coming into our house – even if they visit us twice a day. He smiles when he is happy and like to sleep in the bed until mid day. With pillow and cover of cause. Our second girl is very determined and like to decide where we should go on our walks. You couldn’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do! Her favorite place in the house is wherever there’s a sheep fleece. Our youngest member (so far) of the family is still a puppy at heart. Super energetic and curious. He knows a lot of tricks – like fetching the socks of your feet.

My (non)furry children

My (non)furry children

Having four dogs on walks turn a few heads. Having naked dogs turn a few more. In the winter when they are all dressed almost everyone turns their heads. Dressing the dogs for a walk during winter takes some time, first of all you have to find the dogs – usually under the cover in bed or hiding behind the sofa. When they’re all dressed and looking miserable, you need to drag them through the door and drag them half the walk. The second half of the walk, they drag you and can’t be happier when they get to go inside again.They have no idea why we insist on being so cruel to them! During the summer months it’s hard to get them in the house. We go for really long walks and the rest of the day they spend sleeping in the sun in the garden. Suits me perfectly!
So, this is my family, enjoy the pics!

Two dogs on a fleece in a sun spot

A place in the sun

A dog listening to a pregnant belly

Listening to the belly

4 thoughts on “(Non)furry children

  1. Ah, great! You showed us your four-legged children! They look in excellent condition and are truly spoilt, but why not? Thanks for introducing them! All the best to all 7 of you!


  2. Very cute. One of my dog run friends has two crested rescues – at least here there is very little market for the odd dog in the litter who was born hairy, so both of theirs are very furry – they sort of look like early 1960 pop-rock stars.
    You sure are going to have your hands full when the baby comes.


    • We will have our hands full!
      Our Chinese crested aren’t the naked or the hairy variety – they’re both. Registered as naked, but have some fur all over their body (we have to trim them in order for them to not look like rug rats). Here we call these “ware wolfs” and they sure look the part when they’re angry at something!


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