New haircut

I have studied every man I have seen for the last week or so – and especially their hairstyle in order to find inspiration for myself. A lot of guys have the homemade haircut where they have used the trimmer and everything is cut in the same length. This looks ok on most guys, but not on me. Another part of the male population has had some sort of hairstyle – about five months ago. I think I fall into this category at the moment. My hairstyle is just overgrown and for that reason hard to style. It does not look good and I take mental notes to make sure I go to the hairdresser often enough so I don’t look like this again. The rest of the guys I have seen, have proper haircuts. And they look kind of good. There are a few haircuts that I never ever would choose for my self – usually involving spikes or greasy comb-back. But there are surprisingly many hairstyles that I think look good enough and age appropriate for me.
So, I booked a time at a new hairdresser. I hadn’t been to that place before, but a male friend of mine goes there. My old hairdresser is really good at cutting classic looks, but this time I wanted something more modern. Something a stylish guy in my age would like. Since this hairdresser apparently knows how to cut male hairstyles, I decided to give her a chance.
Telling someone that you are trans* is not easy, especially not when it is the first thing you tell someone about yourself. But in order to get a proper haircut, it is something I had to do. The hairdresser was really nice about it though, we talked about all the normal hairdresser-talk-things like work, weather and babies (it has become a thing lately…) but also about trans-things in a very delicate, non-offensive way. She was very careful about what and how she asked anything. That was nice, for a change. Again, it’s not easy coming out and it is nice to have someone recognizing it.
At the end I got a modern, cool hairstyle that fit me.

7 thoughts on “New haircut

  1. krisalex333 says:

    Great! I’m still plucking up courage for my short haircut at the end of December. Right now it is shortish, but not as masculine as I want. Wish I could see yours!


    • I’m very tempted to post a pic, but it’s hard to do that when you try to be anonymous… It’s a very common cut for men here; think a male version of Miley Cyrus famous cut (although I’m not happy with that connection).

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  2. First time I’m impressed that you got It right. Your new hairdresser sounds like a keeper. I’d like to find a barber/barbershop for the experience, but I’m actually pretty happy with my haircut – only so much that a haircut can do for me (despite all the cultural myths of strength and hair length).


  3. Great blog post, I thought I’d weigh in – I’ve blogged all my terrible and not so terrible haircuts to get to where I am now. I knew keeping those photos would come in handy some day!


    • I saw your post, thank you for sharing it! I’m glad you’ve found a hairstyle that you are happy with!
      I once (as a teenager) had hair down to my butt, but cut it during my exchange student year in Ireland to my mothers horror. It’s just been getting shorter and shorter for every visit to the hairdresser since.


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