Today I asked my therapist for an appointment with a doctor who can write a referral to the gender-clinic (yes, this is how it works in Sweden…). We haven’t talked about this and she didn’t ask anything either. When you ask for a referral they shouldn’t ask anything, but I was still apprehensive since you never know how professional the therapist is about these things. There’s a few months waiting list for the doctor, and then there’s at least a 6 months waiting list to the gender-clinic, but at least I have started the process!
I am excited, but at the same time nothing has happened. Except that I came out as transgender to my therapist and that is a big thing for me. Other than her, it’s only a friend, a coworker and my wife who knows. I want to come out to at least all my friends, but for some reason I want to wait until I’m listed in the gender-clinic. Also, I know that me coming out won’t change a thing in our relationships, my friends don’t care what gender I am, they just care about me as a person, so there’s not really any point of telling them unless I want to change my name or pronoun.

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  1. krisalex333 says:

    Happy for you that you have started the process! Do it your way and in a way that feels right to you. All the best.


  2. I think it is a good idea to go to a gender-clinic. I regret that I didn’t do it (still might). I kept it all in my head, read everything I could get my hands on, and then talked about it with my therapist – who is a strong, smart, and feminist, but is also straight, cisgender, and not prepared to really help me with it (i.e. had a predisposition for me not to transition). She is also a breast cancer survivor and took a while to warm up to the concept of top surgery.
    I still have a lot of questions about the long term viability of either not fully transitioning or non-binary transitioning, but for reasons I still don’t quite get, it is my preference not to “go the whole way”.


    • A gender clinic is basicly the only way to get top surgery in Sweden if you don’t pay for it all by yourself, and the only way to get on hormone therapy. It’s also the only way to get the really good surgeons… You meet specialists, get the opportunity to get voice training and other treatments like hair removal (for MtF). They have also opened up for the possibility for non-binary people to get treatments, and take in people who are unsure of what gender they are.
      There’s just a few clinics in Sweden and I’m very lucky to live just an hour away from one of them.
      I feel like this is the right way for me, instead of going solo or going to a therapist that just don’t get it (been there…).
      We all have our own road to walk in life, and as a Swedish singer put it: the destination is not important, the road is all that matters.
      Take care on your journey and enjoy the scenery along the way!

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