My wife has been very tired from the pregnancy lately and one of the side-effects of that is a shorter temper, naturally. Today she said she is so happy to be married to me and so thankful that I’m taking care of her during the pregnancy. She has said this before, and every time I’m equally puzzled. I honestly don’t understand why she is so grateful. I’m just doing the things I’m always doing, trying to support my wife to my best ability. My support of her is not dependent on her being pregnant in any way, albeit I’m truly and fully grateful that she is the one who is pregnant and not me… Just the thought of feminizing my body further is freaking me out. Since I have absolutely no urge to be pregnant, I’m so grateful that I get the possibility to have children anyway. It is a wonderful gift she is giving to me, and I feel that it is my duty as a spouse to support her in every way that I can. That includes having patience when she is tired and in pain. I’m not the one who is pregnant, I’m not the one whose body is taken over by hormones, but I am part of it thanks to her.

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