Back pain

My back hurts a lot. A lot a lot. It hurts so much that my heart races, I get dizzy, can’t comprehend what other people are saying and I even feel the pain in the front of my body over the heart area. People around me are concerned, but I know it’s just some problem with my back and I still work half time. After Being in severe pain a few days, I have finally given in and agreed to see a doctor. The problem is that the center of my pain is just under my binder. When I go to see a doctor I will have to take the binder off, and my back is far too painful to put it on and off like that. So when I got dressed to see the doctor I had a dilemma. My binder is not a good option. Even if I can get help to put it on in the morning, I can’t put it on again after my appointment. To go there without any kind of bra/binder is out of the question. I hate having my breasts juggling around freely, constantly seeking attention in the corner of my eyes. To find a solution, I dug far into my closet into the “just in case”-pile. There it was – my pink laced bra. Desperate times call for desperate measures I thought, and put it on. To my surprise I realized that a good portion of the weight I lost recently has been lost from my boobs. I no longer have a full D-cup, but a C-cup instead! This made it bearable to wear the bra for a couple of hours, and it was awesome to get that kind of confirmation of the weight loss. Being stressed And not being able to eat properly maybe aren’t such a bad thing after all… The cups on the bra were literally half empty!!

Pink laced bra

Pink laced bra

The doctor found that one of my ribs connecting to the spine somehow got caught, and it hurts like mad (yup, noticed that…). She was surprised that I worked at all, apparently most people with this don’t. The prognosis; it can take a few days up to a few months to get back to normal again. In the meantime I have strong painkillers and physiotherapy to look forward to.

6 thoughts on “Back pain

  1. I’m so glad the doctor found what is wrong. Sympathy with the pain! Nice that you have lost that weight and being able to shed the emergency bra afterwards, must have been great πŸ˜‰ Hope you are back to your healthy self soon. Take care


  2. WIth breasts (unlike tea) you definitely want the cup half empty instead of half full (sorry I had to get that out of my system). I hope that the meds do their work and you can get back to your regular activities and resume a comfortable binding. I’m a problem solver so I’m always thinking there must be a solution – but sometimes you just have to wait it out.
    I threw out my just in case bra’s except for some hook and eye closure sports bras that I wear to the gym. I can’t wait to throw out my binders.


    • Awesome! Did not think of that…! πŸ˜‚
      This time I guess I have to wait it out – but I’m not good at those kind of things. I too long for the day I never have to wear a binder or bra ever again!!!


    • Yes, it doesn’t affect the pain, thankfully. But I cannot put it on on my own, which means that I can’t wear it when I need to go to the doctor. It feels way to uncomfortable to ask the doctor for help with putting on my underwear… πŸ˜‰


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