I ordered my first binders a little over two weeks ago and I have been waiting for them with increasing impatience since then. Part of the frustration has been over not knowing what to expect – will they arrive in the mailbox, will I have to pick them up from the post office or will they call to make a personal delivery? I now have the answer. When my wife came home from work she took the mail with her and started to sort it. Newspaper, advertisements, bill, flyers, letter, advertisements – and then she handed me a small piece of paper. An advice for a package to be picked up at the post office. Within a few minutes I was ready and on my way out. When I came back to the car with my small package I just sat devotionally and looked at it for a few minutes. First of all I was surprised by the size, for a moment I feared that they just had sent me one binder (omg, what would I do – when would I be able to wash it??), for some reason I had imagined that the binder would be much more sturdy and take more space in a package. While I was sitting there, my wife looked over her shoulder with a surprised face. “Don’t you want to open it?” I did, I just wanted to rip up the package to reveal its content, but for some reason I felt the need to let the moment sink in. Here they were, the binders that I have been thinking and longing for so long. The magical things that would make my breast disappear (almost) – or disappoint me by not flattening my chest more than my sport-bras.

Where did my D-cup go?

Where did my D-cup go?

I have now worn one of them all evening and I must admit that it works even better than I could imagine. I’m astounded by how much it changes my appearance, I look like a young man! Just not when I look down at myself… But I guess I have to rely on that the image the mirror provides me with is what others see (and that image is frecking awesome!!!). It’s surprisingly comfortable too, although it’s almost impossible for me to put on on my own. I have practiced a few times tonight, but I will need my wife’s help to get it right in the beginning.

6 thoughts on “Binder

  1. Initially I didn’t think there would be that much of a difference between a compression sports bra and a binder, but it was huge. When I go to the gym I use a sports bra and it is kind of shocking to see breasts under my T-shirt!
    I use velcro binders (from Les Love Boat in Taiwan) because they are adjustable and you don’t have to be a contortionist to get into it (the left side completely opens and closes with velcro – but the velcro is loud when you take it off). But almost any binder (if it is comfortable and not too tight) is better than any bra.


    • I ended up buying a Velcro binder from Les Love Boat after your recommendation, but since I have had arthrodesis in both my wrists, seemingly easy tasks has become hard to do. With the binder I find it hard to reach in order to tighten it properly. After each practise it gets a little more easy though, so I think I will get there!


      • They soften up a little, but they are always a two handed move. The Underworks are what most people start with and they are best left to Houdini (although some people swear by them. I’m glad they are comfortable once you get them on, I wear mine for everything other than working out at the gym and I’ve never been uncomfortable in it.


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