Start talking

A few years ago my wife told me how happy she was that I am a woman and that I have breasts, because otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen to spend her life with me. This made me frighten to tell her of my wish to have top surgery. Being the awesome person she is, she obviously felt that something was bothering me and eventually made me start talking to her.
I had imagined that she wouldn’t understand, that she would think that I want to become a man (which I don’t), that she wouldn’t be able to accept me without breasts, that she would reject me over this and that I would have to live with breasts for the rest of my life to be able to stay with her. You would think that I would know her better after our 15 years together… I was sooo wrong!
What she told me is probably the most beautiful thing a person can ever hear. “I don´t care about how you look as long as you are content with yourself. Even though I love your breasts, it’s not my choice whether they are staying or going. If you were in a car accident and lost an arm, I wouldn’t love you less, it’s not the arm that makes me love you, but the person you are. It’s the same with your breasts, I love you for who you are, not for your breasts. If you need to remove your breasts to be able to be comfortable with your body, that is ok.
“Besides, when you are happy with your body you are more confident and secure – and that is totally hot!”
She also admitted that she would miss my breasts if they were removed and that she might need some time to grieve and get used to it – but that that is her problem and that it shouldn’t affect my choices.
I will put my fear aside and have more faith in her from now on.

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