Yesterday I started to gen pains in my stomach. It’s not time for my period for weeks, but the aching got me thinking of it anyway. An otherwise good day instantly became less good. More like shit actually. I hate my period, I hate how it makes me feel, I hate that it makes my already large breast get even bigger. I find it repulsive and pointless.
I don’t get why I have to have a period – I don’t even wish to be pregnant and can have children without it. My period is for me the ultimate proof that I am a Woman. But that is not how I feel. The collision is complete and I feel awful from it.
That I feel like this when I have my periods are nothing new to me, but that a relatively small thing like an aching tummy would trigger all my feelings caught me of guard. It became like having my period twice this month. Instead of being miserable one week out of four, I’m now miserable two out of four.

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