Party clothes

After my wardrobe clear-out I only have clothes that I feel comfortable wearing. It’s just one problem – it’s all everyday-clothes. I’ve never been much for dressing up for different occasions, but with women’s clothes I have been able to get away with just nicer everyday-clothes. My current wardrobe is based on jeans – which, according to my wife, aren’t dressy enough for a graduation-party or wedding. So, what should I wear? I’m not comfortable wearing a tie, vest and blazer and if you rule that out, there’s not much left to choose from in the men’s department.
After a search on Internet, I realize that most trans-masculine persons actually choose tie and blazer for parties. But I want to feel reasonable comfortable at larger functions as well. I’ve spent most of my life in “drag”, that’s how I feel wearing women’s clothes, and have finally broken free of that. But for me tie, vest and blazer feel just as much like being in “drag”. I don’t want to switch from one drag to the next. I want to be me – everyday, all day.
My current ideas for “party clothes” involve black chinos, a nice belt and a fitted shirt that don’t emphasize the fact that I have breasts.
What would you want to wear?

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