My Shorts

Since I was a teenager I have refused to wear shorts or short skirts with bare legs. I have also preferred long sleeves or a t-shirt to tank tops, never worn halter neck or strapless. I suspect that I started to make these choices when my friends started to shave the hairs on their legs and armpits. I have never been bothered by the fact that I have hair on my legs or armpits, but rather the idea that I need to remove it in order to be considered a female and to fit in. Or that I need to be considered a female in order to fit in. To avoid the shaving, I only wore sleeved tops and trousers or skirts that covered my legs.
Sure, it gets a bit on the warm side in the summer, but I got used to it. Thankfully, I have never been much of a sweater either. This exceptionally warm summer has however been insufferable in long trousers. Since I started to shop sweaters in the men’s side, I started to wonder if there would be any shorts that would fit me. I knew exactly what I was looking for (I can be very determined when I choose to), they should be in jeans fabric or I plaids, not too wide in the legs, fit my hips, go down to my knees and be fitted there. Many of the stores that I visited didn’t have anything even close to what I was looking for, and if I found a model that I liked, they wouldn’t have it in a size that would fit me.
But then I went in to a sports shop just to make sure I didn’t miss anything – and then – there they were! My shorts!
I’ve never felt so happy over a piece of garment, I haven’t felt so free just by wearing it either. Years of anxiety for showing hairy legs and armpits were gone in an instant. First I thought that I would just wear them at home, that I still would have a hard time showing my hairy legs. But no, I wear my shorts everywhere – in the store, with the family, in the forest, at work, in the break room… I have even been wearing a tank top with my shorts without feeling uncomfortable.
I never thought that I would feel so free just by wearing men’s clothing!

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