In the closet

I’ve recently cleared out all clothes that made me feel uncomfortable or feminine. I have longed for the clear-out itself for a long time – it has been difficult to fit all my clothes in the closet and it has been so packed that all the clothes has started to get a stale smell to them. On top of that I have only worn about 10% of the clothes – the rest of them were “just-in-case”-clothes. Just-in-case I had to go to a party, or the washing-machine would break down, if I ever would feel like wearing them. Most of the clothes were stylish and nice, but all of them were feminine and most of them were either too big or too small.
Since I have been afraid to shop in the men’s department for so long, it has been a struggle to find clothes that would make me feel comfortable. And why spend time, energy and money on new uncomfortable clothes when I have a closet full of other uncomfortable clothes already. I used to hate shopping for clothes. It was expensive and the anxiety came crawling every time I realized I had to buy new ones. Therefore were my closet full of clothes that were given to me, or that other people had chosen for me.
But then I decided to visit the men’s department. And right away I found two sweaters that I like – and now use every day. Then I bought a T-shirt, then a pair of shorts, another t-shirt and then I realized that every other garment in my closet was superfluous.
I still have a few “just-in-case”-pieces, but instead of them being 90% of the content of my wardrobe, there are now just three pieces left. The rest of the clothes are clothes that I enjoy wearing every day. I have plenty of room in my closet and the laundry basket won’t be overflowing – I will run out of clothes long before then… And it’s also fun to go shopping for clothes now – as long as I don’t have to go through the women’s department!

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