In Drag

A couple of days ago, I wore my favorite women’s t-shirt. All my other t-shirts were in the laundry and since I like this t-shirt so much, I didn’t think too much about it. I wore this t-shirt almost every day before and it made me feel tough and cocky. When I walked into the kitchen, my wife looked at me with a wrinkle between her eyes. “You look like you´re in drag”, she said. “Don’t you have anything else??”
Thanks, kind of…
Ok, so that’s that. I cannot wear women’s clothing any more. Not that I am particularly sad about it, on the contrary, but it means that I have to find and buy more sweaters.
A moment later, my wife pointed out that my panties were showing. “I will have to buy you some proper boxers for you. If your underwear has to show, they should at least look nice.”
My life in drag is soon over. Men’s department, here I come!

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