Baby clothes

Nothing is like expecting a baby, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Me and my wife spend that time by scour all shops with baby clothes and baby stuff. I believe that our little one already have enough clothes to last the whole first year, and then I know that our friends will give us plenty of clothes that now are too small for their children… We won’t have to wash for months! It’s very nice to walk around, dream, fantasize and feel all the small garments and there are surprisingly many pieces that I really like!
We know that we are going to have a girl – without saying that she will define herself as that later on. This, however, means that my cis-wife gets all excited over pink pretty dresses with frills and I get flash-backs of my own childhood and all the dresses I was forced to wear. On the other hand, I find all those stylish and cool sweaters and trousers that I would’ve loved to wear as a child, and still today – if they were a little bit larger… Most of the explicit masculine garments I find make my wife frown. “It IS a girl! What if she’ll be a super girly-girl and love pink?” My love for masculine clothes makes my wife go for even more girly things and I in turn go for even more masculine ones…
Our solution is this; my wife may only buy gender neutral/masculine clothes and I have to buy girly, feminine clothes to the baby.
I’m now on my way to look for princess-dresses to my unborn baby girl that my wife will love and that don’t make me want to puke. I hope both of them will like it.

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